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About Sandbech

Sandbech is an innovative and rapidly growing Google Agency in Scandinavia. We aim to revolutionize Google Marketing through closer collaborations with our clients, embracing an innovative mindset, adopting a data-driven approach, and leveraging AI to accelerate our clients’ growth.

Our Mission

To help our clients in achieving unparalleled growth in Google through the implementation of SEO and Google Ads. We help our clients in outperforming their competitors and securing market share in highly competitive industries.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading marketing agencies in the world and create the best work environment known to man. We aim to help companies achieve their goals and our employees realize their dreams to create the life they aspire to live. 

Our Values

Transparency, Honesty and Adaptability. 

The values that drive us


Embracing transparency in all aspects of our operations, we believe in open and clear communication with clients, partners, and team members. This commitment ensures that everyone involved has a comprehensive understanding of our processes and decisions.


Upholding honesty as a foundational value, we prioritize truthfulness and sincerity in our interactions. This commitment builds trust with clients and team members, fostering authentic and meaningful relationships based on integrity


In the dynamic field of Google, adaptability is crucial. An agency that values adaptability can navigate changes in trends, technology, and client needs. Being flexible and responsive ensures the ability to stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

What our clients says

Warmest recommendation

Sandbech has generated significant growth in my company. They are super pleasant and easy to collaborate with. They work independently and efficiently, providing a sense of security in the collaboration at all times


Fantastic help

We initiated a collaboration with Sandbech in 2022. Emil has been outstanding in his approach to the task and has achieved fantastic results in a very short time.

Better Change

Great collaboration

Emil from Sandbech has been a tremendous help with our Google activities. Our organic SEO, as well as our paid advertisements, have been executed perfectly and contribute to the growth on the bottom line

Guldsmed Lind

Highly recommend Sandbech

We have used Sandbech and can definitely recommend other companies looking to enhance visibility in terms of SEO and AdWords to use them

Ryg og Knæcenteret

That’s what we’re about