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Learn to scale your business with Google Ads

With our Google Ads course, you’ll learn how to generate sales for your business through paid advertising on Google. After our course, you’ll be able to work data-driven with advertising on Google and scale your business without compromising profitability

Keyword research and strategy development

The course will provide you with all the necessary skills for developing in-depth keyword analyses, which form the entire foundation of your Google Ads strategy. You’ll learn to identify the right keywords, uncover the potential in your industry, and execute data-driven campaigns based on that data.

Creation and scaling of campaigns

You will be trained in creating and scaling Google Ads campaigns, allowing you to grow your business through paid advertising. We will cover the correct Google Ads structure, selecting the right campaigns for your business, scaling these campaigns, and much more.

Bidding and tracking

After completing the Google Ads course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of bidding in Google Ads, as well as the ability to set up tracking on your website to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and work data-driven with Google Ads.

Teaching tailored to your specific case

Our Google Ads course is developed specifically for your case, so you can take your new knowledge and implement it in your specific case immediately. We start with an initial conversation to uncover your needs for the course, after which the content is tailored to your unique business.


The Google Ads course is tailored for individuals and businesses seeking to harness the power of Google Ads to growth and reach their target audience effectively. It is ideal for in-house marketing teams, entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and anyone else eager to tap into the potential of online advertising.

For in-house marketing teams, the course offers comprehensive training to enhance their expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns, enabling them to drive more qualified traffic, generate leads, and boost conversions for their company.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can benefit greatly from the course by learning how to strategically allocate their advertising budget, identify the most relevant keywords for their niche, and create compelling ad copy that resonates with their target audience. By mastering Google Ads, they can increase their brand visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately grow their business.

Freelancers and marketing professionals looking to expand their skill set will find the course valuable in advancing their careers. Whether they are seeking to offer Google Ads management services to clients or enhance their proficiency in digital marketing, this course equips them with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the competitive landscape of online advertising.

In essence, the Google Ads course is made for anyone with a desire to leverage the reach and targeting capabilities of Google Ads to achieve their business objectives and stay ahead in today’s digital marketplace.

The Google Ads course encompasses a comprehensive array of topics essential for mastering Google Ads and maximizing its potential for business growth. Participants will gain proficiency in every aspect of Google Ads, from fundamental concepts to advanced strategies, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital advertising landscape.

Key components of the course include:

  1. Keyword Research: Participants will learn how to conduct in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for their campaigns.

  2. Strategy Development: The course provides insights into formulating effective advertising strategies tailored to specific business goals and target audiences.

  3. Campaign Creation: Participants will discover how to create impactful Google Ads campaigns, including ad copywriting, ad group structuring, and ad extensions implementation. 

  4. Campaign Scaling: Strategies for scaling campaigns to reach broader audiences and increase ad performance will be explored, enabling participants to expand their reach and drive more conversions.

  5. Tracking and Analytics: Participants will learn how to set up tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, analyze key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize campaign performance.

  6. Campaign Adjustment: Techniques for monitoring campaign performance and making necessary adjustments to improve ROI will be covered, empowering participants to refine their strategies for optimal results.

  7. Bidding Strategies: The course will delve into various bidding strategies available on Google Ads, helping participants optimize their bids to achieve their advertising objectives while maximizing their budget efficiency.

  8. And Much More: In addition to the core components mentioned above, the course will cover a wide range of additional topics, ensuring participants have a comprehensive understanding of Google Ads and are well-equipped to succeed in their advertising endeavors.

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the knowledge and practical skills necessary to leverage Google Ads effectively, drive targeted traffic to their websites, and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

The course typically spans over 2 full days of immersive training sessions. Across these comprehensive sessions, participants delve deeply into various aspects of Google Ads, including strategy development, campaign creation, optimization techniques, and more. This duration allows ample time for hands-on learning, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, ensuring participants gain a thorough understanding of Google Ads and can confidently apply their newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The cost for the course typically ranges between £4000 to £6000, though it may vary slightly depending on specific requirements or customization. This investment covers all aspects of the comprehensive training program, including expert instruction, course materials, hands-on exercises, and ongoing support. Despite any slight variance, participants can expect exceptional value and a rewarding learning experience tailored to their needs.

The course can be conducted either online or on-location, offering flexibility to accommodate the preferences and convenience of participants. Whether attendees prefer the convenience of remote learning from their own location or the interactive experience of in-person instruction, both options are available to ensure an optimal learning environment for all participants.

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