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We grow businesses all around Europe with data driven SEO.

The cornerstone of every successful business lies in sales through organic marketing channels. At Sandbech, we specialize in driving sales through organic search results in Google, and we let our results speak for themselves.

Experienced SEO Experts at affordable prices

Our knowledge becomes your knowledge, our experience becomes your experience. You’ll have an experienced SEO expert assigned to your project, responsible for monitoring all algorithm updates, ensuring adherence to Google’s best practices, and executing the planned SEO strategy. Everything done at a very affordable price.

Get customers on autopilot

SEO represents an investment in the future of your business. With a well planned strategy and precise execution, SEO can generate a consistent stream of purchase-ready leads for your business on autopilot month after month. This fosters security and contributes to bolstering your company’s bottom line, thereby generating the essential liquidity needed to scale your business

We execute SEO in all languages.

We specialize in scaling businesses across Europe, and have done so for many years. We collaborate with native-speaking copywriters in each country to ensure language is never a barrier in our partnerships. We execute SEO strategies in multiple languages, delivering market-leading results for all our clients, regardless of their location within Europe.

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Our process

How we create growth in your business


Deep understanding

The first step is to gain a deep understanding of your business. We aim to know your business as well as you do. How can we grow a business if we do not understand it?


Analysis and strategy

Every collaboration starts with in-depth analysis and data-driven strategy development. Our SEO strategy is carefully crafted based on your current position, your competitors, market demand, and trends. 



Our experienced Google experts execute our Google strategy and ensure growth in your business. We stay in close contact and ensure that we are constantly moving in the right direction


An SEO agency is a company that specializes in helping other businesses achieve higher rankings, increase traffic, and generate more sales through organic search results on Google. A good SEO agency possesses a thorough understanding of Google’s algorithm and knows exactly which aspects of your website require optimization to ensure top rankings for relevant keywords in your industry. At the same time, an SEO agency ensures that your website is always optimized for the latest algorithm updates from Google, so you are always in compliance with Google’s guidelines and best practices.

Choosing a competent SEO agency is crucial for building a consistent flow of visitors to your website month after month. We recommend choosing an SEO agency with many years of experience and one that can deliver a tailored solution to your company’s needs. At Sandbech, we have over 10,000 hours of SEO optimization experience and have helped some of the Nordic’s largest brands dominate their industries. At Sandbech, we deliver extraordinary results at extraordinary prices

An SEO agency helps your business become more visible and sell more through organic search results on Google. With the right SEO agency, you can over time become one of the dominant companies in your industry if you continuously work on SEO. You can ask yourself; What would my business look like if it went from 100 visitors per month to 50,000? Creating organic traffic to your website through Google has a huge impact on your company’s sales and profitability. Once you rank at the top of Google, you will experience a continuous flow of free exposure and sales, making SEO the most important marketing discipline for virtually all businesses.

More specifically, an SEO agency helps optimize your website for more than 200 different ranking factors that make up Google’s algorithm, and continuously updates the website as new ranking factors are introduced. These ranking factors include everything from optimizing your content to the speed of your website to the use of the right keywords and much more.

It varies greatly, but we would like to provide some general figures. A typical Danish SEO agency charges an hourly rate between £90- 170, while the average hourly rate at Sandbech is £60. Therefore, you often save up to 50% on your SEO by choosing Sandbech as your partner. Our extensive experience, combined with a new approach to SEO, allows us to offer a fixed low hourly rate while delivering leading results for our clients. A typical client at Sandbech experiences an 80% increase in revenue after 12 months of collaboration.

However, the cost of an SEO agency is not always the right question. You should rather ask about the value an SEO agency can deliver. If an SEO agency charges £170 per hour but can provide value that could eventually be worth millions of pounds, it is still a good investment for your business. Therefore, you are looking for the SEO agency that can deliver the greatest long-term value, not necessarily the cheapest one. But when you can deliver both, as we believe we can at Sandbech, it’s a no-brainer. The best results at the best prices.

The short answer is yes. There may be rare exceptions where SEO optimization does not add significant value, but for 99% of all businesses, continuous work with SEO is crucial. With around 8 billion daily searches on Google, you risk missing out on enormous potential if your business is not visible in the search results. And if your business doesn’t rank at the top, your competitors do, and then your competitors get all the exposure and clicks.

But it’s not just about being visible; it’s about being relevant. An effective SEO strategy ensures that your business appears to the people actively searching for the products or services you offer. This not only increases traffic to your website but also improves the quality of traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates and a stronger bottom line.

In addition to driving traffic, SEO also builds credibility and authority. Companies that rank highly on Google are perceived as more credible and reliable by users. This is a significant aspect in an online world where trust is a rare and valuable currency.

Finally, SEO is one of the most profitable marketing channels. Unlike paid advertising, where you pay for each visitor, traffic from SEO is free. Although an initial investment is required to improve your SEO, the long-term benefits are ongoing and provide the greatest ROI over time.

It depends on the individual case. At Sandbech, each collaboration starts with conducting an in-depth keyword analysis, which uncovers all the keywords your potential customers are searching for on Google. If you want to read more about our analysis work, you can find an entire blog post about it here: SEO analysis.

Based on the keyword analysis, we determine which keywords your business should focus on in its SEO strategy. The choice of keywords is made based on several different parameters such as search volume, potential, competition, search intent, and much more.

Sandbech is the best choice for your company if you’re seeking an SEO agency with many years of experience and the ability to deliver extraordinary results at extraordinary prices.

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